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Guinea Pig FeedingHousing your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs can be kept indoors or outside and need to have the right accommodation.

If kept indoors the cage should be big enough for the amount of guinea pigs you are housing. Make sure that the cage is not in direct sunlight or right next to a radiator, these could cause you guinea pigs to become over heated and at risk of getting heat stroke. Also make sure your cage isn't positioned near a draft so that your guinea pigs don't get to cold either. Lots of good pet stores supply indoor and outdoor cages for your guinea pigs, Pets at Home being a good example. Although on a chain of shops they can supply you with adequate caging.

If you want an outdoor hutch the best place to put it would be on a patio because if you have foxes in the area, even if you don't realize if you do, they can dig under the cage and attack your pets. The cage again also needs to be big enough to fit the amount of guinea pigs that you want to keep. Make sure that you also have a cover or insulator for the hutch for when it gets cold or for at night.

Cleaning the cage is very simple, first you take out the old newspaper from the floor.{sawdust is not recommended because it can get in your guinea pigs eyes, also straw can do the same thing, hay is much better.}. After that spray with special pet disinfectant, that can also be found in pet stores. Then lay down new paper covering the whole floor space. Then put new hay in the sleeping compartment. Then replace the items in to the cage. This should be done at least twice a week. 

You will also need a run for your guinea pigs you can get this attached to the hutch or not, or one that would fit over the hutch. Hutches with ramps leading down to the run are not suitable because your pets could fall off and hurt themselves. But a very low ramp can be used if the hutch is on small stilts.

Guinea pigs love to hide so make sure your hutch or indoor cage has a place where your guinea pigs can hide, like a tunnel, also your guinea pigs may want some privacy when they are in their sleeping area. Guinea pigs like to chew and knaw on things so make sure they have some chew toys to help keep their teeth from becoming too long.