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Guinea Pig FeedingGetting a Guinea Pig

You can adopt and buy guinea pigs from numerous different places. Rescue and re-homing shelters like the RSPCA are one of many centres that you can get guinea pigs from. When you are searching for your guinea pigs you might want to look for guinea pigs that come from the same litter or are used to living together. Splitting guinea pigs up that have a bond with each other or that are family isn't a good idea because they may start to pine for each other and won't be very happy at all.

If you can't adopt from a rescue centre then places like Pets at Home may have guinea pigs for sale. Make sure when you are buying or adopting your guinea pigs that they are good healthy specimens and that they don't look sluggish or ill, you can check the health page for more information about that.

If you are getting another guinea pig{s} because one of yours has died then check these tips for info on how to introduce your guinea pigs to each other:

It is easier to introduce one or usually two females to a neutered male than a male to another male guinea pig because they might not go for the other.

If your guinea pig has lost a friend then be sure to give that or those guinea pigs lots of attention because it or they might get lonely and pine for the other. Sometimes it helps to put a cuddly toy in for your guinea pig to comfort them.

Transporting your guinea pigs to their new home you will need a carry cage. You can find pet carriers in lots of pet shops and some vet practices sell them too. This could make it easier to find a suitable carrier for your guinea pigs. When your guinea pigs come home don't handle them straight away, be sure to let them settle in for three to six days before you start to try and pick them up and hold them. Coming on too fast may scare your guinea pig.