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Although guinea pigs are usually very placid and docile animals they can sometimes become aggressive towards other guinea pigs. Often when a fight breaks out is usually between two males either to decide who is dominant or who gets to have a sow {female guinea pig.} Female guinea pigs also may fight if they don't get along with each other, they may make aggressive calls and try and bite or scratch each other.

When your guinea pigs are playing they may run around very fast and jump and hop and twist their body and shaking their heads. This "play" can be seen among guinea pigs that are young or are from the same litter. When guinea pigs are frightened they will sometimes freeze with a slightly bug-eyed expression, or they might just bolt back to their sleeping compartment or hide away.

When a guinea pig is curious it will slowly approach and sniff the air to make sure it's safe, sometimes it will lift a front paw and other times it may remain on all fours, ready to quickly bolt if something scares it. If your guinea pigs are showing courting behavior they may chase the female and sniff her behind and make a purring sound. The female may lift up her hind and stand with her feet apart.

Guinea pigs love to be in groups. They always seek out other guinea pigs company and contact. They enjoy resting their chin or paws on each other's backs. Sometimes they will huddle together facing the same or opposite direction. Guinea pigs may find a sense of security by being close together. Baby guinea pigs like to sit on their mum. By being together guinea pigs can establish good relationships and keep each other company.

Guinea pigs rely a lot on their sight, hearing, smell and touch to interact and socialize with each other or to recognize their owner or to avoid predators. Baby guinea pigs are born with fur and their eyes open but it isn't actually until they are Twenty five days old that they can fully recognize objects. This is probably why guinea pig babies follow their parents around a lot.