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Guinea Pig FeedingBreeding Guinea Pigs

When it comes to parenting Guinea pigs aren't the best at it. They won't try and aggressively defend their young and the father guinea pig doesn't get involved with the young {pups} at all.

In fact if a predator came the mother would just bolt and leave her babies to trail on behind!

The time which the female is pregnant is called a gestation period which lasts usually sixty three to sixty nine days and is proportional to the size of the litter the female is having in other words the larger the litter the shorter the gestation period. Guinea pigs can have usually one to six pups; the average size is three to four pups. If the gestation is longer the pups may be more developed, it is actually true guinea pig babies are born with their eyes fully open and with fur. They sometimes just look like miniatures of their parents.

When you are handling a pregnant guinea pig be very careful you don't hold her tightly, but make sure you are holding her firm enough that she feels safe and secure. When your sow {female guinea pig} is pregnant she will take in double and even triple sometimes the amount of water and food she eats so make sure you give her plenty. Make sure you don't give her too much otherwise she may become obese {fat}. A fat pregnant guinea pig can suffer with medical problems that could eventually kill her.

When a sow is about to give birth she goes into labor. This lasts for ten to thirty minutes and will usually occur in the evening, with five to ten minutes between each birth. The sow will squat up or hunch over. The pups are born head first and unless the female doesn't clean the fetal membranes off the pup it is best not to interfere. If the sow doesn't clean it off the pup could suffocate. Afterwards it is best to leave the new family alone for the first few hours.

Breeding should not be tried unless you are an expert or have expert knowledge on how to breed guinea pigs.