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Feeding your Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig FeedingGuinea pigs like a lot of pets like a varied diet. There is a wide range of food you can give them like pellets, something that you should feed your guinea pigs once a day. You can also give them grass, clover, carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage but not too much it can give them the runs, cauliflower leaves again, this and lettuce can also give them the runs, curly kale, purple sprouting broccoli, spring greens, celery, cucumber , tomato and corn on the cob . If the cauliflower leaves aren't eaten by the end of the day remove them from the cage or hutch.

You can also feed guinea pigs the following fruit: bananas, grapes, honeydew melons, pears, water melon and strawberries and kiwi. Apple is not advisable; they are not that good for guinea pigs.

You should feed your guinea pigs a bowl of pellets in the morning, pellets without all the bits in are better because your guinea pigs can't selective feed. You can if you want give your guinea pigs fruit and veg in the evening. For the water you will need two bottles, one for outside and one for inside, you can get vitamins for the water from pet shops and sometimes vet clinics. You can also buy timothy hay from pet stores. Some guinea pigs may not like fruit and some will, oranges are yet for me, to be tried and your guinea pigs may not like them.

Don't feed guinea pigs mown grass clippings and if a lawn is perfectly bright green it means it has probably been sprayed with chemicals or a substance that may well be harmful to your guinea pigs. However if it is natural there may be other small plants and weeds growing in it which may also be harmful to your pets.

Some plant are harmful, and some aren't. Here are some lists: